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Storied Threads News

Hello, all! Well, Storied Threads has had a fantastic inaugural year, thanks in large part to the wonderful support and patronage of the Rennie community. We’ve had a lot of great experiences, and have come out of the season with a lot more knowledge about vending than we had when we started.
Unfortunately, one of the things we learned is how expensive running a business like this can be – and that in order to keep it up, some of our prices are going to have to go up. It quickly became apparent which of our items were priced just right, and which were drastically under-priced as they stand right now. As a result, as of January 1, many of our prices are going to be going up.
So, what does this mean for you? It means that if you’ve been eyeing something on the website, now is your last chance to get it at the current price! This applies only to items already in stock, or custom orders already placed, though – I’m full up on commissions at the moment, and won’t be taking any new ones until after the New Year, when they’ll be at the new prices.
Also, definitely keep an eye on the website in the next couple of months – there are new designs percolating in my brain, and I hope to get them realized in fabric and on the website as soon as I can. I’ll be adding a medieval hood fairly shortly – my prototype had its trial run when I attended CTRF in October – as well as a split skirt (or “riding skirt”), tricorn hats, a men’s pirate coat, and more! So keep coming back, and see what’s new!
Finally, we’ll be increasing our presence in the New England Renaissance faire circuit in 2008. Storied Threads will definitely be back at the Salem Pirate Faire, but we have at least two other shows on our tentative schedule, which we’ll announce as soon as our participation has been finalized.
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