The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in garb_addicts,
The Lady Rhiannon

Looking good at faire doesn't require paying faire prices

I am not promoting myself, at the moment, but a friend. Emily Nee is a Guild member working the Bristol Renaissance Faire, a cast-approved-quality seamstress, a dedicated Rennie-mom, and beyond that, a fabulous human being. So whether faire season is yet to come, in your area, or is nearly done, here's a suggestion -- instead of the mostly-inevitable rush of last-minute sewing to make sure the whole family is well garbed, consider commissioning Emily to make you some custom garb, mini-garb...or heck, one of those nifty period dolls even the BRF's Queen knows her for, now.

Emily made my son a set of mini-garb for him to wear this year (though it'll probably fit him for another year or two), and he was the poster child of the Sterling Renaissance Faire. We didn't get three feet through the gates before people started snapping photos, and we had patron, playtron and cast alike, coming up to compliment us on how fabulous he looked, and asking/suggesting that the three of us work there. Honestly, he wasn't just the best-dressed kid...he was better dressed than the majority of the adults, too.

Not only did he look great, but he was comfortable, and the garb survived what he put it through. He even kept the hat on! He NEVER keeps hats on!

So remember....

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